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Keep Employees Productive, Strong and Healthy with Mobile Massage!

just mikeWork is stressful. Stress breeds ill health, sluggish mental function and low morale. That leads to slow performance, low productivity and ‘blue flu’.  

In today’s fast-paced corporate life, the effects of stress are costly. Join some of the largest corporations in San Diego County by using ‘mobile massage’ to promote wellness at work and enhance your bottom line.


Since 1998, we have specialized in creating Therapeutic Solutions for businesses and individuals who want to take a proactive role in their overall health and well-being. We are also injury rehabilitation specialists who take pride in reducing and eliminating pain without the use of drugs or surgery.


With more than 16 years of experience working with some of southern California’s top businesses and health-conscious individuals, you can be confident you’re receiving the highest level of quality service.


Give Flu The FINGERS! “Hit the massage table now to stay out of the sick bed later. Massages may help you fend off the flu", according to a study in the Journal of Alternative & Complimentary Medicine. People who received a 45-minute Swedish massage had an 18% spike in infection-fighting white blood cells. “Deep massage may move white blood cells from a person’s lymph nodes into their bloodstream,” says study author Mark Rapaport, M.D. - Men's Health magazine


We are an older couple striving to cope with the inevitable effects of aging and the minor bodily stresses and strains of life. Michael Law has been our physical and massage therapist for four years, twice each week. His services have proved invaluable to us. He is a consummate professional—prompt, dependable, thoughtful and caring. He and services add immensely to the quality of our life.
Richard Sipe & Marianne Benkert
M.D. La Jolla, CA
Therapeutic Solutions Massage and Bodywork has been coming to my place of work for many years. A number of years ago, I injured my shoulder water skiing. At a company event, Mike convinced me to give him 5 minutes on the chair. Not only did he work out all my knots, he helped me stretch my shoulder, which improved my range of motion and reduced my pain. That was several years ago, and now I see one of the therapists on a regular basis. They do a great job working out my stress points, helping me relax, and maintain my range of motion. I highly recommend Mike and his skilled team of people.
John S.
Corporate Employee / San Diego, CA
For the past four years and counting, Therapeutic Solutions has done a terrific job providing weekly chair massages for Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s employees. The chair massage program is a significant part of our employee wellness initiative. Thanks to Mike Law and his team of excellent therapists, our employees - particularly clinicians who are on their feet for a majority of their work day - enjoy the multiple benefits of chair massage in a way that is convenient and accessible.
Stacy K.
Sr. Marketing and Communications Specialist / Sharp Grossmont Hospital
I am continually impressed with the energy, flexibility, and enthusiasm Mike and his team bring to their enterprise, and equally amazed by the exceptional customer service they provide. Their mobility and the absolute willingness to adapt to any venue is their most valuable asset, as they are ready and able to set up a professional massage site regardless of the location. Whether at a staff retreat in a hotel off-campus in North County or in our dining hall in the midst of a crowded brunch, the staff and students of UC San Diego have always enjoyed excellent service from Therapeutic Solutions. I highly recommend their partnership with any organization
Rey Guerrero
Resident Dean / Eleanor Roosevelt College and International House
Getting a 15-minute chair massage each week has helped me to feel more relaxed at work. I find that I am better prepared to deal with stressful situations. I am sleeping better and feeling better.
Tony Jennings
RN, Lead Clinical Nurse / Sharp Grossmont Behavioral Health Services
My husband and I come to San Diego for 3 months every winter. Mike has been our massage therapist for 8 years. Four years ago, when I was experiencing some falls and other physical challenges related to post-polio syndrome, Mike suggested working together to see if we could improve my strength and balance. I was totally surprised at what my body was able to do after just 3 months of working together. I would lose much of what I had gained during the nine winter months of trying to continue on my own, so this past year we continued to work together on Skype. The benefits of that are obvious in the continued ability to walk, the increased core strength and the reduction of falls by 90%. One of the greatest things Mike has done for me is to help me move beyond my fears and ideas regarding my limitations. I have deep trust in his ability to see what is needed to strengthen and maintain my body’s maximum functioning and well-being. He keeps me walking, which is quite close to a miracle to me! I am constantly amazed at what my body can and wants to do.
Diana Grove
I first encountered Mr. Michael Law, Owner of Therapeutic Solutions Massage & Bodywork in the latter part of 2008 while he was attending to other clients in my residence in a Continuing Care Retirement Community. I retained his services to assist me in my physical program. That was over 5 years ago. He is trained and certified as a massage therapist and personal trainer and, during that period, has coached and monitored my use of the gym and pool as well as provided massage. The program has resulted in great improvement in my health, physical condition and general well-being - and with no injury to me. One measurable result has been the loss of some forty pounds in weight. He has been conscientious, considerate and inspirational in helping me achieve these results.
Bob Meyer, 88 years young